Get everyone
on the same page.

Cosy helps the people at your company find what they need, when they need it.

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100+ integrations

Your company runs on apps

Cosy gives a home to all the apps your company uses. It’s great for things like shared knowledge and HR tools, but even better when teams add the apps they use every day.

Find anything

Blazing fast knowledge search

Search across all your wikis, knowledge bases, docs, and files—and get results in milliseconds.

Visibility settings

Let team members access the apps that matter to them, so everyone gets a search experience tailored to their role.

Free your data

Rich previews allow your currently-siloed data to be shared throughout the company—without paying for extra seats.

Backup plan

Smart fallbacks give employees a way to get help if Cosy doesn’t have the answer.

Screenshot of a search for “wfh” with search results

Take action

Cosy delivers more than just a list of search results. Whether you want to take some time off or log a call in Salesforce, Cosy lets you do it on the spot.

Screenshots showing search results with inline actions to request time off or log a call in Salesforce

Natural language processing

Ask for what you need in your own words. Alas, we’re still waiting on the GPT-3 invite, though.


Cosy evaluates how users navigate results and automatically gets better every day.

Fast setup

Because Cosy relies on the apps you already use, you can be up and running in no time.

Works where you do

Search Cosy from the app, Slack, or anywhere on the web with our Chrome extension.

Full control

Make sure Cosy matches your company look and feel and put it on a custom subdomain.

Easy sharing

Rich, built-in sharing options make it easy to send content to anyone, through the apps you use.